I am PUMPED to announce something today!


Momentum Group II is starting next week!!

Momentum is a 90 day, no-fluff online program designed to help you stay n track, grow your business, get answers to your questions, stay motivated, connect with other designers, and have a happy life.

I call it a “support group” but that’s sort of tongue in cheek. Yes, you get LOADS of support, and you also get marketing trainings and LIVE group Coaching/Q & A Sessions.

Momentum Group I wrapped up last week and HOLY MOSES the feedback was amazing! 100% of the members said they would recommend this program. Awwwww shucks, I think I’m blushing.

I’ll give you quick lowdown about Momentum in this post and you can click here to get all the details, watch a clip from the program, and sign up.

What you get:

  • A focused Video Tutorial “mini-topic” every other week
  • Live group coaching call and Q&A with Jane (every other Wednesday) to get answers to your questions
  • Bi-weekly “assignments” to keep you on track – yes, there’s homework (bite-sized homework but still…)
  • Action Steps you can take each week for social media and building your audience
  • Private Facebook page for 24/7 access and interaction with other designers to share resources and ideas
  • Access to some of my GUEST EXPERTS who will help you with your business
  • Recordings of all Sessions so you never miss a thing

Who Momentum is for:

  • Entrepreneurs who are currently selling their product
  • People who want accountability
  • People who are ready and willing to do some work
  • People interested in marketing and attracting more customers

Who it’s NOT for:

  • Those who are in the IDEA phase
  • It’s not for you if you’re not selling yet
  • People afraid to try anything new or “risky”
  • It’s not for people who want “magical answers”

You can live anywhere in the world and benefit from this program

You can make pretty much any product in the world and benefit from this Program (doesn’t have to be “fashion-y”)

You can pretty much guarantee that it will sell out. Group I sold out completely and I,m limiting the size of this group as well.

Oh! And that’s not all! it never is…

You can get an FBA reader discount!! Use coupon code: FBAREADER to save $100 off the price of the Group Program.

Click here for a quick link to sign up right now!

Click here to get all the details and watch the video.

I know I’m on to something with this Group, because the members are bonding like crazy, sharing resources openly (imagine that!), learning and actually IMPLEMENTING new strategies, feeling supported and motivated, and selling more.

So whaddya think?

I’d love to hear what you think about a designer support group like this? Can you tell me in the comments below – what’s the ONE MAIN THING you’d would want to get out of a program like this?

As always, thanks for reading!









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