Fashion Startup Challenge

Day Two: Getting your Samples / Prototypes Made

This video is a clip from a LIVE Chicago event for fashion startups about getting your first samples made. The strategy I share in this video has worked for dozens of new designers in lots of different cities, with many different products.


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A lot of what happens in the fashion industry is sort of underground. I often refer to it as an INSIDER BUSINESS – and it can be really frustrating if you’re on the outside trying like heck to get IN and get some answers. You can’t just Google things up – I’m sure you’ve noticed that.

So today I’m going to take you inside and tell you 3 major tips about where to find sample makers and manufacturers.

1) Craigslist

It’s possible to make the first sample yourself (if you know how to sew – and if you don’t, that’s TOTALLY fine) to see how it comes together. However, I don’t recommend that you make your own samples or production for the long haul since it’s NOT a scalable business

If you’re sewing, you’re NOT out selling – and that’s a problem.

I have a video clip that explains how to find local sewers and reveals the sneaky way I found sewers for my blanket line. The video is posted above – on this page.

2) Factory Lists

Here are 2 resources I recommend.

a) Maker’s Row is an online marketplace that connects U.S. based factories and suppliers with small and medium-sized product-based

Find them here: http://makersrow.com/

b) About Sources offers resource guides for designers in the U.S. to find fabrics, trims, and contractors. They have a few different books available and I used them all when I had my womenswear line.

Find THE CONTRACTORS book here: http://www.aboutsources.com/thecontractors.html

Please Note: Both of these options provide LISTS of contractors. It’s up to you to go through the lists and do your research, call them up, and find a good fit for your brand. A lit is just a list – it’s a great start but it’s not the EASY button. Speaking of easy…

3) The Easy Button

If I were to start over today with another product-based business (but I’m NOT, not yet anyway…) I would choose the Easy Button option.

I ran my own production (using NY and Chicago contractors) for over 14 years and I was good at it. I didn’t LOVE doing it though, and like I mentioned in #1 – I don’t want anything to keep you from the time you need for SELLING your product.

The Easy Button is to hire a team of experts to take care of pattern making, samples, fittings, and production. This option isn’t for everyone, of course, because a) it takes more money and b) it demands a product that has margins big enough to afford the added consulting fees.

My go-to Product Development guru is Boaz David (and his wicked-smart team) from Humanb.com in NYC but there are a LOT of option out there to get hands-on manufacturing help.


#1) First, make sure you watch the video above.

#2) Next, decide on your NEXT step. Will it be…

A) Put an ad in Craigslist for a sample sewer
B) Invest in one of the manufacturers’ lists (From About Sources or
Maker’s Row)
C) Investigate a full-service consulting company
or D) something else??

#3) Stay accountable by telling me what your NEXT action step will be. Head over to my FB Page, use the hashtag #FBAchallenge, and put your next step out (no matter how big or small) into the universe!!

The key to startup success is to take IMPERFECT action – every single day. What will it be today – A, B, C, or D?? It can be as simple as B. “I’m gonna carve out 2 hours next Wednesday to go through the info on Maker’s Row.”

BAM – simple action step in the works… Go YOU! 

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See you tomorrow,


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