This Monday — I am hosting a FREE tele-class.

This tele-class is all about The 5 most important things you need to know to get your line ready for market.

In fact…
…I’ve made you a quick audio here with all the details:

Click here for the audio: https://fashionbrainacademy.com/audio3.17.11.wav

So really…

Part of what will keep your design business from failing is learning everything you can get your hands on about this biz.  This is a chance to learn it for free.

If you’d like to hear me interview retail expert Birgit Rohm (think Escada, Strenesse) and learn how to get your line retailer-ready – and be sure the buyers don’t pass you by…

Click here to register: https://fashionbrainacademy.com/birgitrohm.html

This Monday at 12 noon CST (March 21).  It will last about 45 minutes.

I hope to “see” you Monday,


P.S. Do me a favor? Pass this on to your buddies, post it on facebook, twitter etc.  Let’s get this free info in the hands of more struggling designers!



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  1. Hello Mrs. Jane

    I am sending this reply to ask if you are planning another tele-Class I just read the info for the class that you offered on today n I missed the class. Would you please be so kind to follow up with.

    Thank you kindly,


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