How to Make Your Show Booth the Coolest One (Steal This #6)

Selling your accessories at festivals, markets, and art shows

Recently I started a new series on my blog, called STEAL THIS. If you’re new here, check it out. The idea is to watch the videos, and ask yourself…

“How can I use this for MY business? How creative can I get to try something different with my marketing?”

Today’s video is about how to get MORE people to come to your booth.

More people means more sales. And that’s what we all want, right?

The course I mention in the video is “Holiday Marketing Sales Formula”. You’ll learn what I did to DOUBLE my sales at direct-to-consumer selling events. Bam.

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Now it’s your turn. Has this video inspired you to try something new at your next Holiday Market? What will you do?

Or answer this…What have you done at previous shows that’s worked for you? Leave me a comment below – I LOVE hearing from you!

As always, thanks for reading and watching!


P.S. The course for selling more at markets, craft shows, and art fairs is right here. 🙂





3 Responses

  1. Well, I have 3 great take aways… thank you Jane. I handmake a line of children’s environmentally friendly (remade from recycled sweaters) critters and baby blankets..I’m going to do a spin to win discounts..along with a recycle bucket full of inventory to liquidate! This will be fun! Next, create a stage and host a Holiday puppet show…using the critters..maybe 3 shows per craft gig. The board idea is genius: I’ll have swatches at the bottom of the board, diagram with scissors, diagram with sweaters and diagram of critter(maybe actual one!) You’re the bomb baby!

  2. Hi Jane and creative friends!
    I plan to have a massage therapist friend bring her massage chair and offer free 10 minute Holiday De-stress massages:-) (she will, of course, be handing out her biz cards as well, or maybe we’ll have a tip jar for her too) We’re going to call it “shop-assage”.
    Steal THIS, ladies!
    Best of luck to everyone,

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