How to Make Your Emails Convert to Purchases

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I just got off a call with a clothing designer who has her new collection ready (womenswear, knit pieces) and wants to get people excited about it. Excited enough to make a purchase online – what we all want.
She did a show this weekend (an upscale craft fair) and the new pieces sold very well. When she emailed her list, the reaction was MEH. No sales. 🙁
So here’s what I recommended she do next:
– Her first email announced the ENTIRE Fall season with 5 pics of different products.
– Her next email will feature only ONE product – the best seller from last weekend’s show – and link directly to that product.
Featuring one product at a time almost always converts better than “shop the new collection now”. Why? Because the reader doesn’t have to THINK when there’s only one option. “Oh, I see this dress and it’s cute, I’ll buy it now.” It’s EASY for the customer to decide.
I like that dress… I don’t like that dress, end of decision.
Click or don’t click – the customer can do that on her phone while she’s walking down the street. It’s easy for her.
When you tell the customer to “shop the collection”, they need to have the time and energy to go into your site and make a decision themselves.
  • Which ones do I like?
  • Will that fit me?
  • Am I too old to wear that?

Then it becomes, “This is cute stuff but I don’t have time to go through it so I’ll do it later.” Later when? She’s busy with a zillion things – just like you and me. She gets decision fatigue, just like you and me. 

Later usually means never. You lose the sale.

The next time you send a SALES email, try featuring ONE product and one product only. Make sure the reader only has ONE call to action — to click a shop now button or link that goes directly to the product page of the ONE item you featured in the email. 

What about you? I’d love to know what’s worked for you when it comes to email marketing. Have you had success with email marketing? What’s working and what’s not? Leave a comment below — I LOVE hearing from you. It’s the best part of having a blog!

As always, thanks for reading.


P.S. If you want more traffic and sales from your online shop, this is your first step. If you’re just getting started with your clothing or accessories line, this free mini-course is for you. 



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