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Getting Started:

  1. Please watch the Welcome video above.
  2. If you haven’t already filled out the New Student Form, please click this link and tell me a little bit about you and your business.
  3. Join the Private Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/170789280028857 If you haven’t already, please go there and “request to join”. We will “approve” your request and then invite you to introduce yourself to the group, tell us what you do, and list your website etc.
  4. Your first “assignment”: Head over to Peek User Testing and sign up for the 3 free user experience tests for your website. A real person will use your site and give you a 5 minute video with feedback about messaging, navigation, and more. It’s an AWESOME way to see how others perceive your brand. It’s super fast to sign up for Peek and totally FREE.

Access to the Training Material: All the content and recordings are yours to review as needed, any time, at your own pace. You have unlimited access for TWO FULL years and the course content will NOT be taken down when the 5 Week Interactive Program ends.

Our Private Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/170789280028857/ The Facebook Page will be up during the 5 weeks of this course. After that, it will be taken down so please take notes on anything you need form the FB Group before the Course ends. If you have joined at the VIP level, you will have acccess for 3 months after the course ends for your VIP membership.

To join the Group, please click here and “request to join”. We will “approve” your request and then we ask you to introduce yourself to the group, tell us what you do, and list your website etc.

Details about our Private Facebook Group:  Our Group is a “closed group” so only people in the group can see what you post and respond to you. Other people can see the names of the people in the group, but not any of the comments or discussion threads.

Access to LIVE Coaching Sessions: All group coaching sessions will be recorded and posted for you about 24 hours after the LIVE Session. These recordings will be available to you for 2 years. You can watch the replays as often as you like, from any device.

Hot Seats: Each LIVE Session, Jane will put one lucky entrepreneur in the “Hot Seat”.  This is a chance for this person to get some intense coaching with Jane. If your name is chosen (randomly), we’ll email you. Jane will help you with whatever you need most — review any marketing materials, emails, website pages, or social media accounts. 

Customer support email: Please email Julie at brain@wordpress-284020-2736534.cloudwaysapps.com — subject line: SMPO

Course Curriculum:

Week  1: Your Who

  • Your 3 step business assessment
  • Rate your current and past customers
  • How to determine who you MOST want to sell to
  • Your Buyer Persona – an ACTUAL person
  • “A woman walked into yoga class” exercise

Week 2: Your Message

  • What to say and do on your website so your customer “gets it”
  • How to build a community that loves you and buys from you consistently
  • Choosing your keywords
  • 3 direct response marketing “triggers” and how to use them
  • Your specific compelling marketing message that attracts some and repels others – on purpose
  • A website that converts vs. a website that looks pretty

Week 3: Where to Find Customers

  • Your “platform”
  • OPC – other people’s customers; who already serves your customer, your indirect competition
  • How to research to find the “right” customer
  • Finding customers “offline”
  • Finding customers online
  • Get out of the house and get IN FRONT of your ideal customer
  • Get known for something
  • PING-ing as a strategy — connect with your indirect competition

Week 4: Attract Your Customers to Your Site   

  • The process of lead generation and capturing leads
  • How to get “qualified” traffic to your site
  • Your content marketing strategy (not as hard as it sounds)
  • The 48%: How to capture emails from non-buyers
  • Influencer marketing (Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.)
  • The 6 step process of creating content that leads to sales
  • Your simple content planner, week-by-week, to automate pieces of your marketing

Week 5: Sell Them Stuff

  • Selling through email, social media, and offline
  • Selling evergreen products vs. seasonal products
  • Your marketing “triggers” as a way to sell more
  • Turning a lead into a paying customer
  • The 3 vital parts of every single email you send to your community
  • Collaborations and strategic alliances (including scripts)
  • Abandoned carts and what to do about them


  1. Email opt-in ideas, best-practices, and what’s working NOW
  2. The blog / email planner SYSTEM – so you can set it and forget it
  3. Visual content creation – 6 free or cheap resources to look like a pro without hiring an expensive graphic designer
  4. How to “bundle” your products to DOUBLE your sales
  5. Graduation gift! Brand new “STEAL THIS” Vault including 6 video examples of real-life marketing and sales examples and how to tweak them for your product business


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