Membership Area: How to Land Your Next 10 Retailers

Module One

Module One has 6 videos:

  • Fear of Selling
  • How to Find the RIGHT Retailers for Your Product
  • Before You Can Sell
  • Part One: Examples of Linesheets, Lookbooks, Product Shots 
  • Part Two: Examples of Linesheets, Lookbooks, Product Shots
  • Recording of LIVE Coaching Session (6.23.16)

There are BONUS handouts at the bottom of this page – please scroll down

Video One: Fear of Selling

Handouts for Video One:

Video Two: Find the Right Retailers (recording of a live presentation)

 Handouts for this video:

Video Three: What You Need to Have in Place BEFORE You Can Sell

Handouts for this video:

Video Four: PART ONE Examples of Linesheets, Lookbooks, Product Shots

Video Five: PART TWO Examples of Linesheets, Lookbooks, Product Shots

Handouts for this video:

BONUS Handouts for Module #1 (Note from Jane: These handouts are explained in the LIVE Coaching Session – recording from Week One

Video Six: LIVE Coaching Session Recording (6.23.16)

NOTE FROM JANE: Correction — During the Session I mention you can go to Amazon and read reviews of products. I also say to go to Abercrombie but I meant to say ANTHROPOLOGIE. Anthro has very detailed reviews and you can learn a LOT about how your clients talk and think – the specific words they use, specific feedback on products, etc.