Choosing the right clothing manufacturers in USA

 Online Workshop: You’ll discover the steps involved in finding an apparel manufacturer, how to work with them, and what they expect of you.

What you’ll learn:

The Training is in three parts:

What you get:

PLEASE NOTE: We do NOT give you a list of contractors or recommend specific factories in this Workshop. There’s no way I could recommend a specific contractor that’s just for you without seeing your product. I WILL teach you what I know (from 20+ years in the Industry) in a no BS fashion, I’ll teach you where to go to FIND your perfect contractor and I’ll be honest with you about what to expect and how to get the best quality from your contractor.

What: Online Workshop “How to Work With a Sewing Contractor”
When: Available online right now, at your own pace
Duration: 3 hours of video training
Presenter: Jane Hamill, founder of Fashion Brain Academy

Your Investment: $99

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