How to Book a Trunk Show with a Boutique

A STEP-BY-STEP Pre-Recorded Online Training to Help You Book a Trunk Show TODAY With Any Boutique – even if you’ve never approached them before
how to book a trunk show with a boutique

Dear Designers of apparel, home goods, accessories, stationary, handbags, jewelry, candles, T-shirts, baby products, childrenswear, and anyone who wants to sell to boutiques or gift shops,

If you’ve approached a boutique asking for a trunk show and gotten a “bleh” answer, this is for you! 14 years of experience owning a retail store has taught me that most designers go after a Trunk Show the wrong way. ENTIRELY wrong, in fact.

It generally goes like this…

“We should do a trunk show!”

“Yeah, that might be good. Why don’t you email me?”

“OK, I’ll do that.”

“OK, cool, Talk later…”

And On and On and NOTHING gets planned. So no sales are made, and no relationship is built, and you meet no new customers, and you make no money. UGH!

But it doesn’t have to be like this. Here’s what you can do…

You need an EASY BUTTON plan to get Trunk Shows.

You have to make it simple for you and EASY for the retail buyer. So easy, in fact, that they don’t have to THINK at all. And they don’t have to do any work – at all! You need a “Trunk Show Packet” to present to them that they can just say YES to it. No back and forth, no “I’ll check with the manager” BS. Make sense?

And once you have your Trunk Show Packet, you can use it over and over again – your own simple system – to book more events whenever you want them. Plug and play.


“Jane – I just wanted to let you know how much I got from your trunk show webinar. I had been toying with this for a while: the class couldn’t come at a better time. The packet was a tremendous jumping off point for me.

“I got my packet done and made a spreadsheet of prospects. Got my Jane on and made a cold call. And guess what? Booked a trunk show! Yay me! When I followed up with the owner she commented that it looked like I done this before! Ha! Heading to Chicago this weekend and plan to make time for doing some recon on a couple of prospective stores.”

Mary Karg, Mary Karg Designs

This is the FIRST TIME I am teaching this strategy in a class setting.
How I know it works…

How to Book a trunk Show With a BoutiqueI developed this Trunk Show System for a private womenswear client who was having trouble booking Trunk Shows. She tried for 3 MONTHS to book a show (a high-end product) and was totally frustrated and exhausted. Then she used this system and booked 2 shows in 2 days. Boom.

What You Get:
  • The complete Video Training of the class (2 hours 20 minutes) to watch at your convenience, as many times as you like
  • The slides from the presentation
  • PDF of sample phone “scripts” you can use when you follow up with a buyer
  • the complete “Trunk Show Packet” template to tweak and use as your own
  • examples of Trunk Show flyers
  • email subject line examples you can use
  • templates of specific emails for buyer outreach
  • “Tips and Strategies for Successful Trunk Shows” PDF download

“This was an awesome class. After feeling like I hit a wall with sourcing problems, this class was inspiring and got me worked up to do outreach to boutiques again. Thank you so much!”

– Ria Faust, Sugar Cane Toddler


100% Guarantee:

This comes with a complete money back guarantee. I truly believe this training will teach to what you need to know to approach a boutique with a trunk show idea, create your own trunk show packet, know what to say when you follow-up, and understand the step-by-step process of booking a show. There is NO RISK for you. I’m willing to take the risk of letting you attend the entire class and then decide if it was for you. That’s how confident I am in this class. There is NOTHING to lose!


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