About Jane Hamill and Fashion Brain Academy

About Jane Hamill and Fashion Brain Academy

about-janeHi, I’m Jane Hamill, the founder of Fashion Brain Academy.

My goal is for every designer to make a living using their creativity while becoming business savvy – even if you hate sales and cringe at the idea of a marketing plan.


We offer online training courses and private coaching for fashion designers and creative entrepreneurs. Our primary focus is the business side of things, including startup planning, finding a profitable niche, finding customers, selling your line, costing and pricing, and getting your product found online.

We have worked with designers in the following types of businesses:

Fashion Brain was founded by Jane Hamill, a successful ex-designer and retailer who saw a growing need in this niche for information as well as specific step-by-step strategies to start and run a profitable fashion business without losing your shirt – or your mind.


I was 25 when I designed my first Jane Hamill line and opened my boutique in Chicago. There was a lot I didn’t know about running a business, I mean a lot, like buckets. I learned the hard way – through trial and error, long hours, dedication, and a little luck.

It wasn’t an easy process but it did work! I ran both businesses (wholesaling my women’s line and the retail shop) for many years until I sold them in 2007 – 2 kids and 14 years later!

I would like to save designers some trouble.

I know what it’s like to have a good product and want to be THERE with it, not HERE in my living room hoping someone would notice it. Looking back now, I realize I made things harder than they needed to be. I did things through trial and error, not to mention crazy-long hours. It worked and I’m grateful for that, but I see now that my way was just more painful, time-consuming, and expensive.

FBA exists to shorten the learning curve and get you THERE faster and easier. It’s for the entrepreneurs who do NOT want to re-invent the wheel. I teach best-practices, systems, and proven strategies to start and run a fashion business – without a lot of “live your dream” rhetoric thrown in. My style is straight-forward and simple.

I love my job and am totally committed to helping you succeed, make money, and love YOUR job.

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