The 2nd Most Important Skill for Product Entrepreneurs in 2024

Hey entrepreneurs! Have you noticed lately that you’re bombarded by strategies and shiny new tactics? There are a gazillion gurus teaching the next! big! thing! that will transform your business in the next 17 hours. ๐Ÿ˜‚ย 

It’s harder than ever to stay focused as a business owner. So many things to do and so many things you COULD do.

Let’s simplify things. There are a lot of skills you could develop to make money with ease. But there’s ONE thing that’s more important than ever.ย 

You’ll learn:

  • the #1 skill to work on this year that will make a difference in your business and life
  • your own simple sales system based — on four key questions
  • how to stay in your own lane with marketing so it actually works
  • avoiding BSOS (bright shiny object syndrome) and the constant temptation of new ideas

Oh! And by the way… I could never be sure the MOST important skill for you – too much pressure for that one – but I’m pretty confident this is #2 anad it’s easier than you think.

You can also listen onย iTunes,Spotify, or Soundcloud

If you want a business “personal trainer” to keep you focused & accountable – so you get sales online with ease – check out our coaching and courses:ย 



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