Best advice ever for entrepreneurs from Tabitha Brown. Ever evah.

If I could reach out into the internets and give Tabitha Brown a huge hug and a dozen roses, I would do it right now.

I mean, this video helps me every.single.day. And Tabitha Brown? She is EVERYTHING. (If you’re hearing about her for the first time…well, you’re welcome.)

I’m a former fashion designer, and I truly believe we creative types suffer from a dangerous syndrome. I call it…

The Entrepreneurial “Crazy Brain”

Creative entrepreneurs are pulled in so many directions and our brains just never stop. Plus, we always want a shiny new thing. In fact, there’s a name for it.


Bright Shiny Object Syndrome.

The struggle is real.

There are always shiny new things we “could” be doing

  • the latest marketing tactic that will “change everything for you” 
  • free webinars for procrasti-learning (my personal favorite waste of time)
  • oh look! Suzie is doing lives, that must be working, I’ll start doing that today- just add it to my list

And Tabitha Brown… she gets it. 

She knows we have to finish what we start. 

It’s haaaaaaaard. 

It’a not sexy to finish what we start. The starting of the thing is the fun part. So many possibilities!

The detailed work needed to get results from said thing. Well that’s a drag.

I see so many of my my students and clients flitting from one shiny marketing tactic to the next and NEVER getting real results because they don’t stick with something long enough to make it work.

Just last week, a student told me she posted on IG every day for 3 weeks (followed the plan exactly!) and nothing happened. So she stopped.


THREE WHOLE WEEKS of a strategy. 

Sister, that’s not gonna work. Here’s what will work…

There are 6 steps to getting results with your marketing efforts.

  • Choose a SIMPLE marketing strategy and decide to do it for 90 days
  • Actually do it (that’s why you chose something simple)
  • Test
  • Track results
  • Assess
  • Based on results and data, decide how to proceed after the 90 days

That’s it. 

Finish what you started.

Do it long enough to get real data and assess if it’s working or not.

If you want help with this, click here here and see how I can help you get marketing actually done.



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