The first way is the get new customers.

Pop Quiz:  What are the other 2 main ways to grow your business? Check out the video where Jane answers a question from a designer. Click the picture below or use this link to watch the video. 

What do you think? Do you have tips to share about ways to increase the size of an order? Increase frequency of orders? Please share them here, on facebook, or leave a comment below. And thanks! Jane

If you’re selling to boutiques, I am doing a FREE Webinar about how to create a line sheet that buyers understand and can BUY FROM – with Nicole from Retail Minded

Interested? It’s on Tuesday, Nov. 13, at 1 PM EST. 
Sign up here: http://linesheets.eventbrite.com/

P.S. Oh, and if you want to learn the full process about how to sell to boutiques, we have a course that teaches you just that! Head on over to this page to check it out.



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  1. Its interesting to know that your page could give answers to most of the questions that go through our minds… I would like you to take me through the 5 ways to help me improve sales of my fashion line…

    Thank you.

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