Fashion Designer #1

  1. You walk into your office first thing
  2. Admire the sunshine streaming in the windows
  3. Check out the fresh flowers on your desk
  4. Dig the calm color on your walls
  5. Notice that you can see your desk – not just piles of paper all over it
  6. Light an appropriately smelly candle
  7. Fire up your computer
  8. Check messages on the machine
  9. Oh, cool, 2 clients left voicemails wanting to re-order
  10. Another message from someone who just heard about and wants to order for the first time
  11. Another from a reporter wanting a quote from you about your line
  12. Your assistant hands you a steaming cup of coffee
  13. You check the clock and still have 15 minutes before your first appointment
  14. Aaahhhhhh… let the day begin


Or perhaps it’s more like this…

Fashion Designer #2

  1. You walk into your office first thing
  2. Smell something funky
  3. Realize it’s dirty water in a vase from last week
  4. Meant to throw those out – making you dry heave
  5. Dig on your desk trying to figure out what time is your first appointment
  6. While looking for your calendar, 2 piles of fabric headers topple off your desk
  7. 4 voicemails on the machine
  8. Your sewing contractor’s screaming in two of them about some missing pattern pieces
  9. Third voicemail is from a customer telling you not to bother shipping that order
  10. It’s 5 days late and she cannot accept delivery
  11. Last message is your intern telling you she’s sick and can’t make it today
  12. She’s really sorry
  13. 87 emails in your Inbox
  14. Finally find your calendar and to-do list
  15. Too much on there to fit on one page
  16. Or was this last month’s list
  17. Start to feel overwhelmed
  18. Start to feel frustrated
  19. Can’t possibly get it all done
  20. Not even sure what to do first
  21. Wishing you were out sick too
  22. Gotta get contol of your business, your time, your life
  23. Gotta find a better way
  24. Isn’t this supposed to be more fun?

What’s the difference between these 2 days? Time Management!

Designer #1 feels…

  • In control
  • Ready to face the day
  • Organized
  • Low stress
  • Has her act together

Designer #2 feels

  • Already exhausted at 9 am
  • Overwhelmed
  • Burned out
  • Not having fun

The first designer has figured out how to manage her day and her time so she…

  • Gets more done
  • Feels in control
  • Is PRO-active in her work, not RE-active
  • Has a sense of direction
  • Sleeps better at night

Hang in there.  Help is on the way.

Time management is the #1 issue fashion designers ask me about.  Here’s some of my other blog posts on time management for fashion designers.

But the next 2 weeks of blogs will also give you tips and solutions to your time management issues, specifically geared towards those in the fashion business Stay tuned…



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