how do I stay motivated in business when I'm stuck in a rut?

Today’s #AskJanesBrain question comes from a designer who’s stuck in a rut and surrendering to the “I GIVE UP” feelings that creep up on us sometimes.

Q: “Dear Jane,

I find that really making something of yourself in this business (or really any business for that matter), you have to be committed.  You have to show up to make it happen, whether you learn from scratch or you have a degree from a fashion design school — it’s a tough industry to break into in terms of running a business.

My question is: how do you stay motivated and driven to keep going even when you surrender to the I GIVE UP self pity party sometimes?


A: Tiffany, we’ve all been there…

Watch the video to learn the FOUR possible reasons she’s not feeling motivated in her business right now.

What advice would YOU give to Tiffany? Can you help her out by leaving a comment below?

As always, thanks for reading and watching!


P.S. The MOMENTUM Mastermind Group I mention in the video is right here:

P.S. The sound quality of this video is not too great. Sorry bout that.



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