It’s great to know your friends and family like your line, right?

I mean, for me, every single article I write gets great response.

From my Mom.

Here’s an email she recently sent me…

“Jane, as usual, you are a genius!  Loved the trunk show info!!”

Umm hmmm.  And last month…

“Honey, I don’t know how you do it.  I KNOW everyone must LOVE the info you give designers as much as I do,  You are truly amazing!”

And the other day…

“Sweetie, I don’t know the other half of your dynamic duo, the German gal named Birgit.  But if she’s half as talented as you are then your Line Review Workshops will be a giant success unlike anything the country has ever seen!”

Now I could listen to this all day, trust me.  And of course I’m exaggerating a bit – but not much.

My friends and family love what I do.  They don’t work in this biz.  They like me so they think my work is great too.

When I need an honest opinion of my work.

I go to someone in my industry.  With experience.  Who will be honest with me and who’s not afraid to hurt my feelings a little bit.

For constructive criticism on how to move my business forward,

I get a pro.  I have a mentor who tells me like it is, gives it to me straight, and knows her stuff.  She is completely honest with me and that’s what I pay her for.  And she’s kind about it – I know she wants the best for me.

And that’s what we’ll do for you with a


Honest feedback from 2 long-time industry experts that give you precise steps to make your line more salable.  I guarantee it will save you time, energy, and money in the long run.  2 hour private sessions with Birgit Rohm and me, Jane Hamill (the dynamic duo).Know your chances of success BEFORE you go to market with your line.

Want to sign up?  Have some questions? Not sure if it’s right for you? Just email me at brain@wordpress-284020-2736534.cloudwaysapps.com or call me at 773.551.2111

P.S.  Hi Mom, hope you don’t mind.  I really do love your feedback – see you Sunday for dinner.




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