Hey! If you want to build an email list for any product, even if it’s your first product and you haven’t launched yet, you need to start marketing EARLY.

In today’s podcast, we’re talking about how to build a pre-launch email list for a physical product.

When you do all the work to create a new product, you want customers lined up, credit cards in hand. But most product entrepreneurs don’t know how to do pre-launch marketing without photos of their product. 

This episode will help.

What I’m teaching you today comes directly from my former membership The Club. PLUS, we have a cheatsheet download to go along with this episode. Download it so you can follow along and take your own notes.

The cool thing is, I didn’t even create these notes.???? These are from my beautiful, wonderful client and a mentor in our programs. Erika Neumayer from Rare Dirndl.

Erika sells German dirndls, one of the tiniest niches on the planet. She makes a GREAT living with her products and that means she is GREAT at marketing. 

Get your download now:

Now that you have your worksheet, come and listen in as we break down how to build a Pre-Launch email list so you get sales immediately when you launch – it’s a good one!

You can also listen on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, or Soundcloud

Key things we talk about:

  • The key things you need to build a pre-launch email list
  • Landing Pages, popups, and forms
  • Blogs and emails
  • Email service providers
  • Your buyer persona
  • Lead Magnets / Freebies
  • Engaging with your ideal buyer

Resources mentioned in this episode.


What’s the BIGGEST takeaway from this episode? LMK in the comments below. I LOVE hearing from you.

And remember…Perfect is good but DONE is better!

xo -Jane











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