Spend the money or save - for fashion business startups
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Brand new video! I’m taking a break from the podcast this week to get back in the video saddle.

I get a lot of questions from designers about where it’s important to spend money and where you can save. Although we all have different budgets and priorities, there are some basic spending guidelines that apply to most (if not all) clothing and accessories businesses.

This video tells you 3 places you can (and should) spend some money and 3 places you can save. I REALLY wish someone had told me the website tip (about 53 seconds into the video) back when I first started my clothing line. It would have saved me a big headache and about $3,500.

So tell me this…

Have you ever spent money on something for your business and regretted it later?

Are there places you wish you DID spend but you tried to DIY it and it backfired?

Tell me your story in the comments below and please be specific. I know we can all learn a lot from this discussion!

Have a great day,




5 Responses

  1. Things I wish I didn’t spend so much money on: Trade shows! I started thinking that was the only way to get retail accounts, but honestly it mostly felt like a lot of money and time down the drain.

    Something I won’t cut corners on again? Product photography! That’s definitely worth the money.

    1. Hi Maria,
      So fascinating about the trade shows. I think a lot of us think that will be an “easy” button for sales but it’s not always the case. I would LOVE to interview you for my podcast to go deeper into this subject. I hope you’re up for it! I’ll be reaching out to you soon.

      And thanks a ton for commenting – I always appreciate your feedback since you have so much knowledge and you are an entrepreneur truly willing to share.

  2. Jane, love this. Within the first minute of your video, you captured why I founded IndieMade.com. Website technology has come a long way and you shouldn’t have to invest a significant amount of money to get an awesome (store and blog) website – even one you can edit yourself! Websites should be living, growing things (changeable) and it’s better to invest in a good graphic designer.

    Great branding can be used as a “style guide” for a consistent message/image EVERYWHERE online and off. Ask the designer for specifics too! Be sure you have several iterations/orientations of your logo. A good designer will also specify Pantone/CMYK/RGB/Hex numbers for colors to be used online and off.

    If you are selling on your website, it is imperative you have excellent product photography. Although you’ll want to give your photographer some artistic license, organizing your shoot (identifying what shots you need, what should be photographed together and in what order) can greatly reduce your time on set.

    Thanks again, Jane!

    1. Hi Jennifer!
      Isn’t it amazing how we start a business because we cannot find what we want in the marketplace? And indiemade.com is an awesome company so congrats! I totally agree that a website should be a living, growing thing. Terrific point. I also like how you say, “A good designer will also specify Pantone/CMYK/RGB/Hex numbers for colors to be used online and off”. You taught me something today so THANKS!

  3. Thank you, Jane!
    How many times have I heard, “Use a professional product photographer!!”
    Even a pro may have difficulty with certain characteristics of a product.
    Case in point: Jules of the West conchos give off such a gleam, that even two
    independent professional product photographers I’ve used were unable to provide
    truly stunning images.
    Now I know to discuss my photo needs, concerns, and expectations + ask for visual
    testimonies in advance.

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