First One to Fail Wins & Other Hard-Learned Lessons w/ Grant from El Roo Bike (Startup Story)

My guest today is SO HONEST about the struggles of his first clothing line and what he’s doing differently the second time around. 

Grant Janke from El Roo Bike is a former network engineer who hated his job and decided one day to quit to start a business – even though he didn’t have a clue what business it would be. He’s currently working on his second clothing business — this one in the mountain bike apparel niche.

Grant shares his failures, struggles, and the ways he thought things would go. 

  • I spent all this money trying to develop this artwork for these stupid damn shirts and no one liked them.”
  • had to have the perfect pattern. had to have the perfect material. had to have the perfect artwork. had to have the perfect this… 
  • Meanwhile,months are going by, and I’m not making any progress. was stuck in that concept phase and the dollars just keep going and going and going.
  • I was totally of the “build it and they will come” mentality. Which did not happen. I had no customers. 
  • Week one, I was dead in the water and couldn’t run any ads. I’m serious, my ads ran on Facebook for like, a day.
  • I’m still in the stumble phase, but the stumbles are getting easier to recover from.

You can watch above or listen below:

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Show Notes: 

About Grant Janke: 

Grant worked for many years as a network engineer trying to find happiness but never quite finding it. That is until he took a chance and left that all behind to do something completely brand new. Grant is now the founder of two boutique clothing brands – El Roo Bike and Grantly Clothing – and creator and influencer on YouTube. He now enjoys going to work every day. Grant lives in Salt Lake City, UT and loves to bike and hang out with his wife and two adorable dogs. 



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