start a line of yoga apparel for women

Today’s #AskJanesBrain question comes from a designer I absolutely adore. Meet Courtney Graham, aka the bohemian yogi who’s currently traveling the world (she’s in Peru right now) and is “practicing loving everything”.  

Here’s how she sent in her question via Instagram – gotta love it!!

start a business selling yoga wear for women

Q: So Jane, my question is—>>>

***Do you have any suggestions for how we can “land a sale NOW” without having to offer sales and discounts?*** or, ***How can we avoid cheapening our value in order to encourage people to work with us/ buy from us/ reward us with their dollars?***  – Courtney

A: Yep, I have some strategies for you, Courtney.

Watch the video now.

So what do YOU think?

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  1. Jane~ here’s my question. I have a scarcity that is naturally set into my products line…I work with recycled sweaters and knits and create washable stuffed eco-critters and baby blankets. The biz was (greenbleez) but I’m in the throes of name changed (Reimaginary Friends..whatta ya think of that name?) I’m going from over 30 items to a more sleek 15 products covering most price points and featuring the main line of crittters ranging between $25 to $55 and baby blankets $125 and $225. Then I’ll have a customization , where people can send in their Uncle Joe’s sweater to make a fox…Foxxy Joe (LOL) These prices are $35 to $75 and custom blankets from $150 to $250. so, I have tried at shows when people are torn to “get the product” or wait I simply explain that i can’t guarantee I will have this by the end of the day and when a sweater has been used that’s it..stressing the one-of-a-kind factor. This works sometimes and sometimes NOT. Is it my wording …how would you handle this? BTW..don’t judge me by this crappy website…everything is getting reworked

  2. In using this scarcity method, which is not a bad idea – but not always sound – because how do you figure out sizing? – if making a small batch of something – what sizes do you make? – how do you know what sizes will sell? – and that’s just one of the issues…I’ve tried this method with very minimal success…

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