Monday Was a Great Day – My Time Management Seminar For Fashion Designers at the Chicago Fashion Incubator

Chicago Fashion Incubator
Chicago Fashion Incubator – great view

Oh, how I loooove working with young fashion designers.  They are so creative, so passionate, so enthusiastic, so organized — Screeeeeech.  Halt.  Meant to say not-so-organized.  When I did my seminar last Monday, I gave them a 3 step process to getting more done everyday and managing their time.  In other words;

How to avoid the biggest time-sucking, energy-draining, self-sabotaging, business-bashing Time Management mistakes a designer can make.

I’m working feverishly on this topic right now to make the information and strategies I suggest available to everyone soon (will keep you updated).

I didn’t set out to help fashion designers with time management, that’s for sure.  I only started doing it when 3 or 4 out of every 5 designers listed the same things on their client info forms.

Question from Jane:  What is the biggest frustration you have in trying to grow your design business?

Answer from almost all designers: “I’m having trouble getting it all done,” “I don’t know what to work on first,” “I’m overwhelmed and not sure which tasks are important,” and “time management in general.”

Wow, I was blown away.  Thus the seminar.

Gotta run now, I have another Time Management Seminar coming up and I certainly CANNOT be late!


Jane Hamill and Lara Miller - CFI
Jane Hamill and Lara Miller – Chicago Fashion Incubator

Having trouble managing your time?  Submit your question to be answered on the blog.



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