6 Reasons Why Planning Your Content & Promotions Feels Hard

Download the Content & Promotions Calendar template here

If planning your content seems hard, you’re not alone.

If you’re agonizing over “what to post” and falling into the popularity contest that is social media, this episode is for you.

I’ll give you my SIMPLE content & promos calendar and teach you exactly why creating a content and promotions calendar (that you can actually stick to) seems so hard and the CURE — to save you loads of time and to make you loads of money.

Not joking actually. This system is magic for my VIP clients and now you can do it too.

This episode is a clip from a LIVE class I taught this week. I’ll make the entire training available to you in the next few days for free. Stay tuned!

Download the Content & Promotions Calendar template here. 

You can watch above or listen below:

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