Believe me when I tell you I love working from home and I mean LOVE as in how much I love my Alberta Ferretti coat or my chocolate ganache filled birthday cake from Dinkel’s). I adore working in my hot pink office on my frosted glass desk, feeling very efficient and business-y when I command my day from behind my computer. And just check the view from my office window – who wants to leave this?

 from window
The view from my window makes it harder to leave my office

A few years ago I thought this is it! I am never leaving my house again unless I absolutely have to.

The internet has changed the world and I can stay here and work and everything will be grand and my business will grow and I will be a millionaire any day now.

Until one day I complained to my coach that I didn’t have quite enough business and I wasn’t attracting the exact type of client I wanted.  I expected her to give me a ninja Facebook strategy or something so I was pretty shocked by her response. She told me,

“Jane, you need to stop hiding behind your computer and get out there in the world!”


She gave me this harsh statement of reality 3 years ago. I didn’t speak to her for a week. I was stunned and angry and hurt. How dare she?!! I was not hiding, I just liked it here, safe in my pink-ness with a little coffee on my desk and no traffic to worry about.

But a little voice inside told me she was right.  So I booked a ticket to LA for the Textile Show. Truthfully, I was shamed into it and it worked.  The trip was AMA-zing! I remembered how fun it was to actually interact with like-minded folks, not to mention the fabrics and the LA restaurants.

Now I thank my mentor for her bold truth-telling because I know it changed the whole course of my career in the BEST way!! It was just the push I needed at the time. And I’m thrilled that I now have a waiting list of clients waiting to work with our FBA coaches in group and private coaching. That never would have happened if I didn’t leave my office. Do you need to get out from behind your computer???? Just sayin…

Here are 3 good reasons to giddy-up and get out there:

Reason #1) Motivation

It’s so inspiring to be around other entrepreneurs on the same path as you. You feel invigorated and ready to get down to business after a great conference or workshop. I read somewhere that motivation is like taking a shower. You have to do it regularly – taking a shower on Sunday doesn’t do you much good on Thursday, know what I mean?

Reason #2) Get Found

No one can buy from you if they don’t know you or your product exists. The more people you meet and connect with, the more people who can refer business your way. When you start talking to people at events, ideas start flowing and that’s always a good thing.  Listen to what others are doing and you’ll be amazed by what it sparks in you.

Reason #3) No More “Lonely Entrepreneur”

Ages ago, I worked with a client who owned a boutique and decided to close it and get a job. Her reason? “I’m tired of being the lonely, isolated entrepreneur; I want a water cooler and some colleagues to hang out with.” At the time I was surprised but now I get it. She could have avoided this feeling by joining some industry groups and building a network of support. The best way to get a network of people you trust is to meet them face to face.  It’s also best to have a network in place before you really need it – replace “Job” with “Customers” in this quote:

“Best results are often achieved well before you need a job, by consistently networking so that when you find yourself job-hunting you have a large network to work with.” -Erik Qualman

So what do you think? Are you hiding behind your computer – just a little? Leave a comment and let me know what you’re up to!



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  1. Yes, I am totally hiding not so much behind my computer but my website! I need to dive deep, develop my voice, and put it out there so my “people” can find me!

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