Where to find trend information for childrenswear

Q: “I’m doing a little research for my children’s clothing line and want to put together a short trend report to show my investors that embellishments in kids clothing are “in” this year.

I can find all kinds of information on the web that embellishments are in style, but it all seems random – about.com, small boutiques saying what’s in, etc.

Is there a better resource for finding something “authoritative” on this? WWD has some good trend info and I think it’s well respected, but is there any place else you’d recommend I look? Thanks!”  –Erika, Chicago

A: Hi Erika! Thanks for your question. I put together a short list for you about places to look to find some “proof” of trends.

My list includes trade magazines and trend forecasters – some info will be free and some will be fee-based.  This is just a quick look at what’s out there and I’m sure there are many more options that I’m not listing. It should give you a good start, however.

http://www.earnshaws.com/ – kids magazine

http://www.wgsn.com/ – trend forecasting

http://trendjournal.mudpie.co.uk/?page_id=5 – Mudpie  They also have a LinkedIn Group that I think is terrific and they’re great about sharing information for free as well as paid.

http://weconnectfashion.com/fido/loadpage? We Connect Fashion – so much helpful information here that I’m not sure how to even describe this website!

http://www.fashion-magazines.com/ – Company is OPR and I love what they put out (magazines). Terrific trends for designers re: style etc, colors, etc. and I’ve been buying their stuff since my college F.I.T. days!

It’s a good idea to keep investors aware of trends – so they know you’re on top of trends, that you have a plan. This will give them more confidence in you and make them feel happy they’re investing in you. The other bonus us that YOU feel good knowing you have a plan too.

Do you have other resources to share with Erika and the Fashion Brain readers? Leave a comment below and let me know if you have something to share!



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  1. Hi Erika,
    With reference to your query above. I provide trend forecast reports each season for childrenswear. I have separate reports for Boys Street/fashion, Girls Fashion, plus Boys and Girls Surf/swim, plus Active Sportswear.
    I also separate into toddler and older teens, and babywear.
    Sarah Charlesworth Design Pty Ltd, Creative Design Source.
    My facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SarahCharlesworthDesignSource/?ref=hl

    Many thanks,

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