5 Ways to Make Money This Weekend

5 Ways to Make Money This Weekend

Many of us work last-minute so if you’ve put off planing your promotions, this is for you. I taped it with Memorial Day weekend in mind but most of these marketing and sales tactics can be used any time.

Want some quick sales?  Let’s go!!

Here are 5 things you can do right away to get some $$.

  1. Offer a special bundle
  2. Leave the house
  3. Send 10 emails
  4. Make a video showing what you have
  5. Build/nurture relationships

Don’t stress if you’re working last minute. Just choose one of these strategies and get started! #3 only takes 10 minutes! You got this.

Listen now so you can execute this TODAY!

You can also listen on iTunesSpotify, or Soundcloud.


Hit me up in the comments to let me know which one you execute. I love hearing from you!




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