Entrepreneurs with ADHD: 3 Things That Actually Help Me Get Sh*t Done and Not Feel Stupid

“You’re a Ferrari with a flat tire.” 

The doctor stared straight into my eyes with almost creepy intensity as he said these words. That’s how he let me know I was actually diagnosed with ADHD. 

Hmmmmm… I’m a Ferrari.

Shiny, red, and fast.

With a flat tire. 

That explains a lot.

This episode gives you the 3 main things that help me get more done and not feel stupid. I hope it helps. 

Note: Huge shoutout to jewelry designer Trisha Flanagan who inspired this episode with her AMAZING fidget rings, blog post, & morse code jewelry. 

You should buy her stuff. She’s amazing and so is her product. You can shop her fidget rings and more code jewelry here

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