What You Need to Believe if You Want to Make Money in Your Creative Business

(Podcast) Believe in THIS and everything will change for you

Believe this and everything will change for you

A while back, I was on a road trip with miles and miles to go, when I had an epiphany. It struck me that there’s something I KNOW is true for creative business owners and yet I was “afraid” to share with you. It’s a topic I was sort of dancing around but not addressing properly.

And honestly, I’ve been afraid to scare you off by being 100% truthful about what you need to believe – and do –  to make a successful business with money in your pocket. This episode lays it out for you.

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In this Episode I talk about believing in ONE major thing. If you’re ready to become a student of marketing, here’s how I can help…

Let me know what you think if this episode, OK?

– JH




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  1. Thank you for your tips Jane! I finished design school a little over 10 years ago and with what life has thrown my way, I have not given up. You definitely have to have a balance between so many hats (business management, marketing, design). As designers, I think we are all at a serious advantage with social media outlets vs. the way you had to market years ago before all of this technology. Man, its hard (especially doing this all by yourself) to really get the business off its feet, but I believe that my time is coming soon! xo

  2. Yes! Marketing is THE most important part of business. Not that I do enough of it though….
    You`re right, as a creative, I’d much rather work on my products than market. And yes, you’re right about the importance of marketing. I’ve noticed that THE most successful designers/makers are the one who spend MUCH more time on marketing than on the product creation. (And ,*ahem*, I also noticed that occasionally the product isn’t even all that great. What’s great is their ability to get their product out there, in front of as many (pertinent) eyeballs as possible.) Thanks, Jane, for the reminder!

  3. You’re right about marketing but it scares the living SHIT out of me. And I need marketing because I want to be a web-only business.

    I don’t know anything about social media. I don’t have a FB account, don’t do Instagram.

    I don’t know how to write copy, even short copy, that would appeal to my customers. Marketing and selling is applied psychology. I mean ethical behavior, just for the record.


    Please don’t post my name either. “New York, NY” is OK as a tag line.

  4. True Story! Marketing does not scare me. I’m here for it! That Marketing piece gets to be overwhelming and sometimes I don’t know what to do first. I’ve started to really hone in on the “step by step” of the marketing piece so that it is do-able for me until, financially, I’m able to hire more help.
    Thank you for sharing Jane!

  5. Hello Jane! What a killer pod cast! I have understood at least intellectually that I am the marketer. I’m a weird creative in the way, I like to sell. I like meeting people and networking. But what I didn’t get was the marketing piece. It was one of those hard conversations that hit me like a brick wall. I have been changing products, marketing via craft shows and have had several wholesale accounts but not really doing the basics. Like email campaigns(hell… how about growing that list) and limited social media or too much social media. I make everything myself and all parts of the business. I decided to rebrand myself and narrow the selection and really focus on the marketing and getting a system in place. I have officially turned the corner and I’m ready to be a Marketer Extraordinaire the new website will be up in the next month, a full schedule of shows and email campaign, plus my marketing of critter of the month club (yep..that was my ephinany). I create environmentally friendly stuffed animals and baby blankees. As usual, your pod cast nails it! Please always keep it real. That’s what I love about you most! BTW…start the SMPO course this week. So excited to step it up!

  6. Jane,
    Thank you for your new podcast. YES, I believe that I am the only one who would have the most clear vision of how to market my designs. No one else know the behind the scene, what it takes for me to make a piece, nuances of my vision of the customer. I do hope that I can sort of figure out the formula and hand it over to my assistant… once I have one. BTW thank you on your advice during our session about a year ago!

  7. I absolutely agree! Glad you made me aware of it, and how important it is!
    You are so cute…love your style!
    Thanks for sharing!

  8. Yes I do! I need to stop limiting myself just as a creative and become a marketer. I too think I know my product more than anyone else so I should use that to my advantage. Thank you for this.

  9. First, thank you for this! Awesome show. I just discovered your podcast and can’t get enough. It is a huge motivator for me as I am in the beginning stages of starting my business. About being your own marketing voice, I 100% agree with you, it’s so true yet hard to accept! You know your brand and are the best person to drive the vision for how you want to market it. With that said, it’s super scary because in the beginning you just don’t know what’s going to be a hit or a miss. As a designer, I definitely want to spend all of my time creating, but as a business person I soon realized you have to be a one person show for a while until things take off.

    1. Yep, it can be scary and that’s entrepreneurship!! Wishing you the best with your business!!

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