Creating Graphics for Your Site and Social Media Using Canva

Let’s talk about using visuals for a sec. Check this out…


  • Facebook posts with an image receive, on average, more than twice as many comments as those without. – Wishpond
  • Posts with visuals receive 94% more page visits and engagement than those without. – Wishpond
  • Infographics deliver up to 120-180% more engagement than text-only posts. -Social Media Examiner
The problem is CREATING these visuals. Sometime you just don’t have time (or budget) for a graphic designer.

Problem solved.

Today I have a video tutorial for you about how to create graphics easily and affordably. This video is a clip from a private tutorial from my Momentum Group. I’m very casual with this Group and it’s like you’re looking over my shoulder at my computer screen.


 Whaddaya think? Will you do me a favor please and answer these quick questions in the comments below.
1) Did you like this type of video (casual tutorial)? Or do you refer the “talking head” style “3 tips for how to…”?
A: I prefer this type of tutorial
B: I like it when Jane talks to the camera and give tips
And the second question…
2) Do you want more resources like this? 
Check out my new FREE Webinar packed with free business resources for makers, designers, and artists. It’s happening March 3rd, 2015.
Have a great day!




16 Responses

  1. Loved it! Thank you so much! What I’m doing right now is learning from you ways to help my graphics look better on my FB and my website. I am currently working behind the scenes to update my site and these are some great ideas. I have used pic monkey but had never heard of Canva before. Thank you very much! m

  2. Wonderful video. Great encourage and information. How strange that I needed this this morning to present something by Tuesday and I was struggling with what I was going to do. I hope I can use this and it will work. Thank you so so much.

  3. Hi

    These are two great tool…for private use in my opinion. As soon as you start to do serious business you should start about your own style everywhere. From A to Z.

  4. This is so fantastic! I have been spending too much money paying someone to do simple graphics for me. I was actually thinking of doing a short course in photoshop so I could do it myself but now that is no longer necessary!!!! Thanks for sharing this Jane, cant wait to start giving them a go.

    1. Bam! I have been doing the graphics in Canva and then sometimes send them to a “real” designer to clean them up and “professionalize” them. Win – win. Thanks for your comment, Fernanda!

  5. Hi Jane! This was great… thank you! Wonderful resources (and so cheap!) for creating graphics! I so appreciate it!

    I really liked the demo you did for us. This type of tutorial works for these web demo demonstrations, but I personally prefer your “talking head” videos.

    I do try to use graphics regularly (I feel it’s more interesting than text-only posts). I usually use Fotor, but I will now try Canva and PicMonkey, too! =)

    Thanks again, Jane!


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