Dealing With the Stress of a Startup Fashion Line

DEALING with Startup Stress

I shot this simple video this morning on the way to a breakfast meeting with my web designer. (I’ve been doing these quickie selfie videos for my Facebook Page lately – whaddayathink?)

I was driving by my old retail store space and popped out of the car to tell you about how NERVOUS I was when I first started my clothing line and opened my shop.

I started my business when I was 25 years old and let me tall ya…

  • I was scared to death
  • I was excited and thrilled
  • I was worried no one would buy anything
  • I was worried about paying back the $25,000 I’d borrowed
  • I was terrified I would be out of business in 9 months
  • I was also pretty sure I could waitress if things didn’t work out
  • I was working my booty off

Here’s a peek into my old storefront and what it was like when I was a nervous wreck startup…

Tell me this – a simple YES or NO in the comments will do.

Am I the ONLY one with startup nervousness???

A. Yes, Jane, you’re the only one who needs that much ice cream to calm her nerves.

B. No, Jane, I can relate and here’s why ___________________.




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