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What’s the ROI of email marketing for a fashion brand?

 For every $1 spent, you receive $38 back, which is an astounding 3,800% ROI, making email one of the most effective options available. – Hubspot

I recently I did a LIVE presentation about how to turn your email subscribers into actual paying customers. Well daaaang, that was a popular topic, the feedback was amazeballs, and people got a LOT out of it.

Today’s episode sums up the key learning points from the webinar and explains why email marketing is so effective for small business owners and how to do it. For many of my clients (mostly creative entrepreneurs, makers, Shopify store owners, clothing and accessories designers, etc…), email marketing is the #1 marketing activity that drives sales!

And yet, it’s so often pushed aside in favor of Instagram – so much easier to post pics and never have to really ASK for the sale. 😉

I get it, “passive” marketing is so easier. Posting a blog is easier than sending an email asking for the sale. Curating your IG feed is so much easier than following up with a prospect and risking rejection.

And yet, working SO HARD on social media and “passive” marketing activities won’t get you much ROI unless you complete the sales cycle and actually make people offers to buy your products.

I get questions about using email all the time:

  • What’s the best content to offer new email sign ups?
  • How do I get more people to open my emails?
  • I have over 600 names on my email list and don’t know where to get started.
  • I send emails twice a month but almost never get sales. What am I doing wrong?
  • How often should I send emails if I don’t want to “bother” anyone?
  • What should I talk about in my emails? I feel silly.

For most small business owners, your email subscribers are your MOST engaged audience and are much more likely to buy than social media followers. And yet, many entrepreneurs drop the ball, do a half baked job, and then think email is dead or “my audience doesn’t like emails’. 

The truth is, if email marketing isn’t working for you, you’re probably doing it wrong OR you’re sending emails to the wrong audience.

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Does email really work? Do the math! It’s the gift that keeps on giving…

Mentioned in the episode:

Now I want to hear from you. 

How often are you emailing your list? Could you give me an example of what WORKS for you with your business emails? I’d love to your BEST TIP for email marketing.

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