Gwen Beloti

You’re in for a treat today. Gwen Beloti is my special guest and we’re going to talk about subscription boxes. 

Gwen owns a jewelry business based in New York and I’ll tell you, she is one of the kindest, smartest, and most talented people you’ll meet. Gwen started out designing a clothing line and slowly added jewelry because she was doing direct to consumer markets and shows. 

Her love of accessories started at a young age when she struggled with her weight and found it harder to buy clothes she liked. Accessories became her creative outlet – they were easy to buy and always fit.

Turns out, her accessory line started doing really well at the shows, she produced more, and then decided to introduce a quarterly subscription box. 

When Covid hit, she was still doing both apparel and accessories. With managing clothing production and sampling, it was too much. Her jewelry line was doing SO well, she decided to just focus on that.

What we talk about today…

  • How Gwen came up with the idea of doing jewelry subscription boxes
  • The surveys she sends her customers and the surprising results
  • What has better margins, the apparel or jewelry?
  • The lead time to designing and planning her subscription boxes
  • The results of her first launch and how she handled it
  • Gwen’s specific answers to questions submitted by our members in The Club
  • The struggle to decide if she needed 2 different websites
  • What Gwen does do increase retention of members and reduce churn 

Have a listen…

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