How to Avoid Fabric Hoarding So You Only Buy Fabric That You Will Actually Use

Fabric hoard much?

You know who you are. If you create and sell products, you probably buy too much fabric, leather, feathers, pom-poms, suede trim, gemstones, buttons, crystals, and vintage buttons you found at that amazing flea market that you couldn’t pass up and you just KNOW you’ll use “someday”. 

How do I know?Because I’ve done it! For 7 full years after I sold my business, I kept a “fabric room” full of amazing treasure I had absolutely no use for. 😉

In this episode, I give you 3 things you can do about this nasty – and expensive – habit.

But first, why do we buy so much stuff? According to Zen Habits, buying too much stuff is driven by uncertainty. You can read the article here.

Being an entrepreneur is the very definition of uncertainty and risk. There’s no regular paycheck and it’s not for everyone to be an entrepreneur. But knowing that risk is involved can help us make better buying decisions.

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Here are 3 things to consider before buying fabric or trim for your next season.

  1. Don’t buy any fabric or trim without a specific plan of how you will use it. Especially if you’re buying it because it’s “a great deal”. If you don’t know exactly how (and when) you’ll use it, do not buy it.
  2. Before you buy fabric… think about the rather unpleasant thought… Am I buying this to deal with uncertainty in any way? Am I buying this for the dopamine hit that comes with it? Am I buying this to make myself feel better in any way?
  3. Look at your fabric room or fabric area… Choose 10 things you’ve had for over 3 years. Think about how someone else could enjoy those supplies and how the space it’s taking up in your fabric room is not actually giving you certainty. Don’t feel pressure to make something out of it! Sometimes it’s worth considering a fabric a sunk cost and moving on. 

Are you a fabric hoarder? Tell us in the comments below how you have dealt with this nasty habit.

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Thanks for listening! I’m rooting for you,




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