How They Built and Grew Princess Awesome (Part 2)

How They Built & Grew Princess Awesome & Boy Wonder (Part Two)

For this week’s episode, we dive into part 2 of my interview with the 2 badass women behind the brand – Rebecca Melsky and Eva St. Clair. They’re the co-founders of Princess Awesome and Boy Wonder, an online clothing company and e-commerce store selling high-quality products that break gender stereotypes.

In this episode, Rebecca and Eva discuss:

  • the differences between manufacturing in Hong Kong, the U.S., and Pakistan
  • how they kept the business running while managing 7 kids between them — under the age of 15
  • how they pared down their marketing to the absolute bare minimum and STILL grew their sales in 2020
  • Why their email marketing is different from 99% of the other e-commerce brands out there
  • And… “We try to see our customers as real people with a real struggle. And the struggle is the same one we had. Where’s the dress with the dinosaurs? Why didn’t that exist?”

Listen to their story…

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Mentioned in this episode:

  • Rebecca and Eva’s online clothing stores Princess Awesome and Boy Wonder
  • Coupon code for our listeners!! 2 codes actually (one from Rebecca and one from Eva ???????? – Use code at checkout for a discount: JANEISAWESOME or JANEISTHEBEST
  • Rebecca and Eva’s email marketing tool, Klaviyo
  • If you’re just starting a fashion business, check out Jane’s course Launch a Line
  • If you’re selling a physical product and want consistent sales, come join The Club

Thanks for listening!


A little about Rebecca and Eva:

“We are Rebecca Melsky and Eva St. Clair, the co-founders of Princess Awesome & Boy Wonder. It’s nice to meet you!

We live in Washington, DC, and run our little company from our laptops and wherever we can find a quiet (or not-so-quiet) spot in our houses.

Eva has four kids – three boys and a girl – and has a background in web development, sewing, and Medieval History. She is the Chief Creative Officer for Princess Awesome and spends her time designing new products, coordinating production with our factory partners, and doing technical work on the website.

Rebecca has three kids – two boys and a girl – and was a teacher for 10 years before starting the business. She is the Chief Executive Officer for Princess Awesome and spends her time writing emails, creating and updating spreadsheets, and posting on social media.

We built this company together out of friendship – we first met in Berkeley, CA, when our husbands were in graduate school together 15 years ago – and we want to welcome every new customer to Princess Awesome like a new good friend.” 



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