Get more customers for your fashion line - podcast

This episode of the new FBA podcast is all about finding customers.

podcast for clothing and accessories designers

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Here’s what I cover in this episode:

  • Why typical customer-getting advice is a waste of time
  • How “great feedback” is not about Facebook LIKES and compliments
  • Why looking at your competition can hurt you
  • Why you need identify your target market (really nail down the “WHO”) before you can sell more – and no, it’s not “anyone with money”
  • 2 sneaky “old-school” ways to find more customers for your fashion business
  • Why it’s not true that other companies have it all figures out – even though it looks like they do!
  • The importance of staying in touch with customers and simple ways to do it

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P.S.  What do you think of my new format – the podcast? Would you prefer a YouTube video?

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21 Responses

  1. I loved the content of the podcast. And as usual, you are very organized and to the point. However, I find I listen better when there are visuals. B, Keep the youtube. The thing I will start doing is also find out more about my customers once we make contact. (i.e. not just the type of garment and color, but what she reads, who she follows, what she does with her spare time, etc.) Infact I will start with a new customer I have a meeting with tomorrow.

  2. I love the podcast and youtube! I guess I’m not helping, either way works. Great information!!!

  3. Great Content! I enjoyed it very much. I initially said I prefer Youtube but I can see how it can be helpful to just listen on the go.

  4. I loved the potcast format, it is really the easiest way to hear, as a mom of a little boy and a designer trying learn more about marketing it really helps, you are a great help, thanks!!!!

  5. Hi Jane, I prefer the videos because I am a visual person; I feel that I learn more watching. Although, I liked the podcast also, it is about getting the message. I really appreciate your marketing tips. Thanks!!!

    1. Glad the tips are helpful. I’m going to stick with the podcast and do videos too. Something for everyone – at least that’s the goal.

  6. Podcast with great info. However as a visual learner I perfer the videos otherwise I zone out just listening to a voice. From a marketing perspective for your business, seeing you really associates you with your product. We feel like we know you. I think seeing you and hearing you are both important. Just something to consider.

  7. Hi Jane,
    Found the content an eye opener.
    Very helpful indeed. The podcast is a great format.
    Look forward to all ur podcasts!

  8. Love the podcast!

    You gave me the idea to text/email pictures of the top selling style from my first trunk show last week to potential new buyers. Great to have something different to offer than a typical – “Hey look at me!” message. I’m not that good at the spotlight as it is. 😉

  9. Jane!!! Your podcasts are amazing!! So much great info. I love the podcast format bc I can listen while doing other things, and dont feel compelled to look at a screen. Thank you for offering such great info. I will be identifying which way to start with the methods you mentioned in the podcast later today. Thanks!!!

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