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Episode #3 of the new FBA podcast is all about different ways you can sell your clothing or accessories line and the pros and cons of each.

podcast for clothing and accessories designers

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Here’s what we cover in this episode:

  • Why there’s no one-size-fits-all way to sell
  • What to consider when you decide how you want to sell
  • Selling wholesale to boutiques
  • Dangers of selling to big retailers
  • What selling avenue I started with – the good and the bad
  • What it takes to sell online

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11 Responses

  1. Hi Jane,
    Thanks so much for the info! I had been hesitating starting my line because I was intimidated and confused by the entire retail buying cycle. The whole thing just felt so risky for my life stage and I just don’t have the capital to do large production runs if I end up selling to stores. I’m so glad to hear other ways we can start and that it’s ok to do so. I’m much more comfortable with e-commerce, so I think I’ll start there and then eventually expand to wholesale and other avenues when I’m ready. Thanks so much for your perspective! It was very insightful and helpful! I finally feel unstuck!

  2. Hmmm thank you Jane. Thanks a lot. This podcast did two things for me. First, it assured me that my thoughts around home party is ok and I got some creative ideas around it as I listened to you. Secondly having set up my website :www.eslikiddiesandmore.com recently, it was just a tip of the iceberg. The content marketing. Strategy is tje main work: first to draw people to the site and more importantly to purchase is another ball game. That’s where am at and need help on how. To drive traffic to the site and convert that traffic to purchases.

  3. Jane,

    I can’t tell you how much I enjoy your podcast and videos. The podcast are great I listen to them as I get ready in the morning.

    You inspire me! Thank you so much!


  4. Loved the podcast. It reaffirmed the way I want to sell. Online, home parties and trunk shows. Thanks for sharing this info, and btw, I love the podcast format. As always, very helpful. Thanks Jane!!!

  5. Great info, as always, Jane. Thank you! I am fine w/ the podcast format but prefer webinar so I can see your face:-) It’s psychological I guess; better connection.

  6. Jane,

    This was fabulous as always. I really like the podcasts because I can download them to my MP3 player and listen whenever and wherever. The format is very convenient for today’s “on-the-go-entrepreneur.”

    I like the idea of testing multiple ways of selling and seeing which works. It makes sense. I hadn’t really thought about trunk shows but they sound like a really efficient way to get the line out there without the inventory risk. I’m so glad I’ve connected with you. You have saved me a ton of money and have taken the guess work out of how this industry operates.

    Keep it coming Jane!

  7. Hello Jane! Your Podcast is great! Tho I enjoy your Utubes, I am better able to focus on your content while making notes. When you are sharing info only, I vote for “Keep Podcasts”. Comments from Anna’s Handbags & Ayanna, above, mirror mine. In addition, I appreciate the emphasis on professional photos vs. my own; tomorrow I’m trying yet another photographer. Am certain that failure to impart the true beauty of my concho belts has limited my online sales; they definitely sell more readily in person. Thank you, Jane, for your enthusiasm & willingness to share with and encourage us all! J/J

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