Are You Happy With Your Business?

Are You Happy With Your Business?

Let me ask you something that may seem simple but isn’t…

How happy are you with your business right now?

Are you pleased with how things are going? The way you run it? How much you work? How much money you make?

What would make you REALLY happy with your business?

Yesterday I had a full day of brainstorming and planning with my friend/colleague/coach. It was amazing.

Throughout the day, I could sense she felt frustrated. From my viewpoint, her business is going AWESOME so I couldn’t understand what was bugging her.

So I asked her…”What’s going on overall? Are you happy with how your business is doing?”

After a long pause, she replied…

I just wish it was easier…”

Ever have that feeling? We just want to be happier, we want things to be easier, and yet when I asked my coach what the “perfect” business looked like — what would make it”easier”, she was stumped.

What does “easier” really look like? What would need to happen in your business to feel “happier” about it?

In this episode, we dive in and try to get answers to these 2 huge questions.

Listen here.

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Here’s what we cover: 

  • Why entrepreneurs get stumped on what would make us happy with our businesses
  • What happened when I started making money 
  • What happens when you’re making plenty of money but you’re still not happy with your business
  • How designing your business around your life is the key to everything

Mentioned in this episode:

Here’s your assignment.

What is it about that your business that you’re really happy with? What is it that you’re not? What would make you happy with your business? Write it down and leave me a comment. I LOVE ❤️ hearing from you!




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