I have great fashion designs and I want to sell them to a big company

What do you do when you think you have great ideas for fashion products but don’t want to actually start your own clothing line?

I answer this question in today’s video. I tried to be nice about it. And I think I was (was I?). Honestly, it’s a tricky situation and there’s probably no “right” answer. I tried to be as honest as I possibly could. 

Have a look…

What answer would YOU give to this question? Please let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Good stuff, Jane. I’m sure gobs of designers have had that thought. I think that if you as a designer establish a successful brand/line, that’s when companies may want to use your name/following as a designer to sell your designs to their customers. But the groundwork must be doe by you first, in making yourself known and selling to your audience. Yes?

    1. YES! Exactly and you phrased it beautifully. There’s no EASY BUTTON for being a successful designer. Thanks, Kathy!

      1. I agree with you two. What I just compulsively draw fashion designs and want to GIVE them to someone for free just to see if they can use them, inspire them, or something. Is that silly/ offensive/don’t do that/why am I commenting? It’s just sad to see maybe-cool ideas go to waste because I don’t have the time or ability to execute them. Thank you!

  2. I am disabled, poor and 67. I have a great fashion idea, but cannot because of my disabilities, have the items made up, manufactured etc. But I can send my sketches to someone. Does that make me lazy, stupid, or does it make my idea without any worth, as implied here? Don’t feel inspired with this, it just made me feel defeated.

    1. Honestly, I feel the same way! I am physically disabled but I have great ideas. I just wanted a way to sell my ideas and get a portion of the profit. I am not lazy, or stupid… I just need help getting out there. Thnks for nothing

  3. I love the ripped jeans idea .i have searched to find that i havent seen my idea out there so far..
    I just need an honest opinion on my clothing idea from a fashion designer that loves jeans..
    Oh what the heck at least take a look at it.
    It wont hurt my feelings lol..
    Im just a very simple person that loves to think and dream..

  4. Sure sounds like a logical and sarcastic response to a question many people are trying to find answers to.And my response to that is.What are you suppose to do when you dont have the means or knowledge to do it yourself?

  5. i am really into fashion(dresses) but i have looked and looked for websites and company where i can post my designs but to no avail . i feel like giving up but i can`t because my mum once told me that one should not give up on what he/she loves the most.

  6. My idea is to make something unique for the infants. I have struggled putting jumpsuits,,zippers plus onies whereas I wanted sides zipper rather than the bottom. It can keep them warm plus more comfy while changing diapers. Zipper can from the arm to the ankles. I hope it works. I am designing a lot of clothes and hoping to have this one in the market soon.

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