How to Sell More Gift Cards This Week

If you want to boost sales of gift cards this week, there are 4 things you can do.

I’ve been testing a few things with my native gardening website, and wowza! Here’s what I learned…

Your conversions will go up if you:

  1. Tell them the “right” amount to buy (so they don’t have to think)
  2. Tell them exactly what the cards can be used for (cuz grandma isn’t your ideal customer and won’t understand your brand or what you sell)
  3. Give them immediate gratification (like an instant PDF download to wrap up as a present)
  4. Offer a Gift Card bonus (this is optional, but we know not everyone will redeem their gift, so it won’t really hurt margins)


The video gives you specific EXAMPLES and SCREENSHOTS of how to do it. This will only take about 20 minutes and it works great.

After you try it, let me know what happens, OK?

You can also listen on iTunes, Spotify, or Soundcloud



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