3 Quick Emails to Send Before the Holidays for Your Online Store

3 Quick Emails You Can Send Before the Holidays


It’s the most wonderful time of the year, l right? Ha!! I think 90% of my clients are already feeling DONE with the holiday season. 

NOTE: There are VISUALS for this episode. See below. 

Heck, many of you started planning Black Friday in August, for godsake. 

You might be sick of worrying that you should doing ALL THE THINGS to get sales for This! Important! Season! for E-Commerce! Store! Owners! 

You probably want to sit on the couch, decorate a bit, drink some eggnog, and have some damn fun. I totally understand. 

So let me make it EASIER for you to do the rest of your holiday marketing with specific last minute-ish emails you can send out. 

Too many of us are sending emails that we think are perfectly clear. But they make no sense. They have gigantic pictures, 6 different message, weird spacing –  just too much going on. 

And a confused mind doesn’t buy. So keep these emails simple and let’s go!

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Here’s the example from Magdalena from MNOP Jewelry. The execution and clarity on this email is great. It’s simple, concise and I know it didn’t take her a lot of time to execute.

Images blurry? DOWNLOAD THEM HERE.

One of my clients, Sandra from Doolittle Jewelry, and I have been working on an email that will be executed similarly to Magdalena’s, but we’ll take it up a notch by adding a phrase “we can ship to multiple addresses” for those who have a gifts to send to several people. Here’s a screenshot of our template draft. 
Show Notes: 

Let me know what you’re going to do! Email me or hit me up on social. 

I love hearing from you!

xo – Jane



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