The Quick & Dirty Product Promo Strategy

If you need a last-minute plan for BFCM, this is it! Keep it very simple and do what we lay out in this episode.

Quick & dirty for the win. And for the sales.

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Here’s the screenshot I mention in the episode…

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4 Responses

    1. Hi Moran! Yes, you can send them to your entire list. This is the quick & dirty strategy, so imperfect action is the goal. Just do the damn thing.

      However, Email #4, the last reminder email in the evening…that could go out to: people who clicked links in emails 1- 3 but did not buy.

      Have a great day! -Jane

    1. Hi Morgen! No plans to bring back the manufacturing tour. Please emails us for Chicago manufacturing tips. It’s not out focus rigght now, but I could guide you a bit. >> brain at fashion brain academy dot com.

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