Coaching Session: Inventory, Profit Margins, & Email List Building with Angela from Ang Hill

What’s it like to have a business coach? Get a BTS look as I answer 3 questions from a Canadian fashion designer, Angela Johnson from Ang Hill. 

We cover:

  • When you know which products have the best margins but aren’t sure what to do with other products
  • if some product categories have decent profit margin but they don’t sell as quickly as other product categories, is it still worth selling them?
  • how to handle being emotionally attached to old inventory you can’t sell
  • the best way to run a clearance sale for your online store as taught by Cathy Wagner of Retail Mavens

The mini-course we mention, “Email List Building” for product-based business owners: 

You can also listen on iTunes, Spotify, or Soundcloud

Show Notes: 





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