Q4: Are You Freaking Out Yet?

“Q4 is freaking me out. There’s so much to do and I don’t want work myself to death like I did last year at this time. Help!”

Many of my clients are getting a little freaked out right now so I put together 3 main things to focus on for 4th quarter.

To goal is to help you get those sales for the Holiday season without hustling yourself into exhaustion. 

We’ll cover: 

  • the 2 email flows to “fix” quickly that will make you steady money 
  • email list building to do now – before the Holiday rush
  • making more money without working harder in Q4
  • evergreen marketing strategies that you can set up once and work on autopilot
  • product planning for next year – how to make sure things will sell
  • the “Super Strategy” that will get you new email subscribers, product testing, UGC, customer reviews, and testimonials – AMAZEBALLS


IMPORTANT: I will be teaching you the Super Strategy in a new workshop coming soon! It works better than anything I have ever seen & you can get notified by signing up here: 


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