Jane Hamill Seminar How to Sell More

Today’s video answers a question from a clothing designer. She’s frustrated by the lack of response from her buyer outreach and wondering what her next step should be. Should she hire a sales rep? She’s worried about contacting the buyers too many times and “bothering” them.

Check out my response to this designer…

What do you think? Was I too harsh?

Here are the 2 podcasts I mention in the video:

1) “How I Got Into My First 10 Boutiques” with Meredith Banzhoff: Click here >>>

2) “What Makes a Creative Successful + The Importance of Showing Up” with Paul Klein: Click here >>>



9 Responses

  1. Getting into retail stores (and getting reorders) is a major pain in the butt! Sometimes it seems like so much hustle for so little reward. I’m wondering if you’re seeing designers skipping the retailers all together and just working on building the brand online and focusing on selling to the end consumer? The margins are so much better and often times the connections are so much richer and fulfilling.

    1. Hi Maria! To be honest, I see almost as many people saying what you just said as the opposite. I hear from plenty of designers that selling online is driving them nuts and “selling one by one” (their words, not mine) is driving them crazy. They’re going after big stores for big orders instead. Just shows you there are lots of ways to bake a cake.

  2. Jane Hamill, is a amazingly resourceful and always,

    Thank you, for your power-boost,
    and sharing your time, tools, and networks,
    which helps us beginner fashion designers,
    re-gas, and to continue upward to reach are goal.

    “Fashion is life and just like life, you must
    always express your feelings freely.”
    Adama Amanda Ndiaye

    Alexandria (Tammie Welch)

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