Hand Woven Fabric for High Fashion Clothing with Jackie from Motif Handmade

Hand Woven Fabric for High Fashion Clothing w/ Jackie from Motif Handmade

Sustainable fabrics, social impact, living in Bangladesh, consumer awareness in fashion, hand-woven textiles, small quantities BUT with the ability to scale production yardage… wow. Just wow.

My guest today is Jackie Corlett from Motif Handmade.

Jackie tells us about a whole new way of sourcing fabrics, and she allows designers to actually design the very fabric you want and need from scratch with zero waste yarns, zero carbon production. So you know you’re launching with the most ethically sourced and eco friendly fabrics available.

She’s going to dive into what is possible – even in small quantities – for fashion designers to get the types of fabrics they are dreaming of. Hand woven, people!! 

Watch the video or listen below.

Links and show notes: 

The design process with Mrs. Emily & Motif Handmade fabrics…

hand-made textiles wholesale from Bangladesh



5 Responses

  1. I have samples of the “constant warp” with a variety of fills. Amazing stuff!! She has stock as she mentioned.

    Jackie is a gem.

  2. OMG! I love Jackie and her fabrics. I’ve met her in one of the fabric shows last year and she was incredible. She took time to explain about her business, how her product is made an even offered me some advice for my business. Lovely lady.

  3. Wow, Jackie’s approach to sustainable fabric sourcing is a game-changer! Love how she empowers designers to create custom fabrics from scratch, balancing eco-friendliness with fashion needs. It’s inspiring to see such innovation in sewing patterns and textile design. Truly forward-thinking!

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