Do you get a sinking feeling at the thought of going to your sewing contractor’s? I used to get it and I’ve also had that pit in my stomach – scared about how my product would look when I showed up.  I thought it didn’t have to be so hard to get my dresses produced but I didn’t know how to make the process easier.

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Sometimes I felt I didn’t know how to talk to my contractor, or that they night take advantage of me – especially when I was new at managing production of my line. I had one group of sewers pull the “You say Tuesday? No, you say you need it Thursday! We be ready 2 more days.”  As if they didn’t understand the difference between the days – and it was MY mistake because I didn’t pronounce it correctly.

But don’t be afraid, here are a few simple tricks I learned over the years to help get you through a contractor visit  successfully.

My two favorite real-life tips to help you avoid “contractor dread”

1)  Do not tell your contractor the retail prices of your product – at least not in the beginning. A lot of contractors determine what they’ll charge based on what they THINK you can afford.  They could even raise their quote if they feel your price point allows you to pay more.

2)  Before you visit a sewing contractor, go over your product step by step and take a close look at the sample you’ll give them as a reference. Are the zipper lengths correct? Are the pockets sewn exactly as you want them to do it? Are the labels sewn correctly and in the right place? Do you have a tech pack ready? Take that extra time to double check everything before you even step in the door…because whatever you miss now might be too late to fix when it’s done!

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How to Work With A Sewing Contractor – The 5 Deadly Mistakes Designers Make and How You Can Avoid Them

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So join me (Jane Hamill from Fashion Brain) as I interview interview Boaz David – NYC design and production guru with over 10 years of experience in the trenches – getting great quality garments made.  I first met Boaz (of Human B designer) about 10 years ago when he was running the production (and everything, really) for a line I was carrying in my retail store.

The truth is – the line was BEAUTIFULLY made, we’re talkin’ impeccable quality. Much better than the price, really.  I still have 2 shirts from that line in my closet – that’s how much I love them! Anyway, Boaz and I re-connected recently and when he mentioned how we knew each other from years ago, I KNEW this was someone whose expertise I wanted to share with the Fashion Brain readers. Luckily, I convinced him to do this interview with me – and for free!

Boaz is the real deal – and together on the Webinar we’ll help you avoid the serious production mistakes that cost you time, money, and loads of frustration. We’ve both been there before and we’ll teach you the shortcuts on this Webinar, believe me.

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  1. Recently I have had a lot of cloths rip on me and I was thinking about finding a sewer. I really appreciated how this article talked about the tips of getting through a contractor visit successfully. I will have to keep these tips in mind so I can find the right person.

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