Podcast: What Makes a Successful Fashion Brand with Nicole Startup Fashion

Podcast: What Are the Signs That One Fashion Business Will Succeed and Another Won’t?

Interview with Nicole Giordano from Startup Fashion

Podcast: What it Takes to Have a Successful Fashion Business

I was looking for a fresh perspective on “the state of the independent fashion community” so I reached out to Nicole Giordano from Startup Fashion

Jane: “Hey Nicole! Would you be up for a podcast interview? I’d love to ask you about all the different business models you see in your community, what’s working now, and what are some “signs” that one designer will succeed and another may not?”
Nicole: I’d love to! The 31stand the 2nd are pretty open for me. I’m currently on a 16 hour flight from South Africa back to NYC. ::sigh:: I’ll be in touch soon.
Jane: “Awesome. Hit me up when you get back.”

Nicole: “Hi Jane. I’m back! What I’m seeing in the brands that are starting to get traction is….”

And then she SPILLS IT – the insider stuff I was looking for + her honest, fresh perspective. If you haven’t met Nicole yet, you’re going to love her. She’s the real deal. 

Here’s what we cover:

  • Starting your clothing line with a signature product, not a full collection
  • Why the traditional fashion calendar is broken 
  • What designers are doing NOW in Nicole’s community and what’s working
  • A new approach to selling wholesale to boutiques
  • Running your business like a business
  • The monthly framework for assessing your business
  • As a business owner, excitement and fear are the SAME feeling
  • One brand’s brilliant strategy to get started with sales
  • Content marketing – is it worth your time?

Listen to it here:

Watch the VIDEO version here:

Show notes:

Mentioned in this episode: 

What do YOU think?

Did you like this interview? Do you have a question for me or Nicole? LMK what you think in the comments below. YOU are the reason I do this and as Gary Vee says, “Your comments are my oxygen.”

Thanks for listening, 


P.S. If you want to know how I started own clothing line from scratch when I had no experience, no money, and no flippin’ clue what I was doing, click here to hear how I did it (it’s free, btw).



12 Responses

  1. Nicole mentioned “House of Jewel in Miami” as a low minimum manufacturer. I cannot find any google hits about it. Can you please post the correct name or a link? Thank you.

    1. Hi Stacey! I checked with Nicole and she said it’s Spanish and it spelled Llul — House of Llul.

  2. Hi Jane!

    This video/podcast was worth every minute. There were so many great takeaways. Thank you for continuing to share such great content. Nicole is very energetic and has great insight — just like you too. Great job.

  3. Great, GREAT podcast. Learned a ton — took notes. I’m a lawyer looking to create one product so it’s very reassuring to hear that specializing in one item can work and that not having that design background can be a plus. Will be signing up for your new designer program soon! LOVE both of your personalities. Thank you!

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