What’s the Best Way to Photograph Your Clothing Line for Your Online Store?

photo shoot for a fashion product

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A lively discussion is going on over on the Fashion Brain Facebook Page.

Q: “I have a question for other designers who sell online: do you find that your clothing sells better when shown on a model, or when shown as a product image against a white background?” – Molly Marie

A: Check out other designers’ answers below as well as my 2 cents at the bottom. I’d love to hear what YOU think so check it out and let me know below.

Post by Fashion Brain Academy.

Definitely on a model! I found that my designs on FB get more response when they are on a model. I’m think people can relate more to a model and can see themselves wearing it. At the moment all my designs on website are on mannequin heads, so will definitely spend the cash to have a model wearing them.

I think it depends on the product. I might buy a tee or something basic without seeing on a model. I like to show both, personally.

I actually love both styles, edited the right way they both do the job.

I’ve had this same thought/question?! Additionally, dress form vs real model

I started out without models, but then when people started emailing asking to see how the product was worn, the light bulb went off. I spent some money on live models. I actually learned from the models as well- they wore the ” Skirt the Issue” with their own style incorporated!

Model for retail, model and product for wholesale

I think models are a great way to build a business. Put the clothes on them, photograph them for others, and have the perfect word-of-mouth testimonial for the garment…win win!

P.S. My models are always happy to accept clothing for payment!

Interesting discussion,right? Here’s my 2 cents. I believe your sales will go up if you have things on models. Less risky for the buyer – they know what they are getting.

P.S. A few weeks after this post, I heard back from Molly Marie (who posed the initial question) and she wrote:

“Thanks for posting this for me, Jane! I find that Facebook users respond well to “invisible mannequin” images, but wholesale accounts, Instagram and website retail buyers like to see the entire brand image (on models).”

What do YOU think? Please leave a comment and tell us what works for you. What have you tried? What got the best response?



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  1. Product images should do fine really, as long as images of both front and back is shown properly. Like in Mewze, we have our participants for our challenges to feature their design both front and back view. Check it out below:


    Mewze team

  2. That’s good to know that if you use a model to show off the clothes that they would sell better. I would think that if they look really good on a good looking person that they would connect the clothes and the model in their mind. I would think that would make the customers feel like those clothes would help them look like a model.

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