Selling Your Fashion Product: Getting Over the Fear That Stops You

Spring 2013 look from Shelby Steiner  (http://shelbysteiner.com/)
Spring 2013 look from Chicago fashion designer, Shelby Steiner

The longer I coach design entrepreneurs, the more I start to notice that sometimes there is very little difference between those that succeed and those that fail. At least on the surface.

Sometimes I look at 2 designers and think…

  • Both are talented
  • Both work hard
  • Both really want to succeed

Only one is afraid to fail. To be fair, we’re all afraid to fail. Every single one of us. But some entrepreneurs get frozen in that fear and others move through it more gracefully. The designer that’s less afraid to make a mistake, less worried about looking foolish, less afraid to fail is the one I’ll put my money on every time.

This video helps you deal with that fear. Selling your product creates a lot of stress for entrepreneurs. In the video, I offer you another way to get your frame of mind ready to sell. To feel GOOD about selling and not worried about “bothering people”.

This video is a clip from a live presentation at the Chicago Fashion Incubator

So what do you think? Does fear get in the way of you selling your line properly? Let me know by leaving a comment below, will you?



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  1. I feel like you are talking me in off the ledge. Gearing up to get my product out there and the thought of the sales process can be paralyzing. Taking it step by step and setting up a schedule makes so much sense. Thanks for the advice!

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