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eyeHappy Friday! Today’s post is focusing on STAYING FOCUSED. It’s one of the biggest problems emerging fashion designers face these days. I spend a lot of time on this issues with private clients – and I certainly struggle with it myself! It seems there are always endless possibilities of what we can create and what we can work on. Here are a few of the recent struggles I’ve heard from designers:

  • I’m selling clothing and jewelry and wondering if I should be doing both?
  • I’m struggling to make ends meet and someone offered me a styling job part-time that will take me away from my line for a month during the busy season. The pay is not high but it sounds like a blast! Should I do it?
  • I do women’s sundresses and my customers are asking for matching girls dresses. Should I add a children’s line?
  • A client of mine says she loves the way I do my marketing and wants me to do ALL of her marketing for her business. Should I do it? (OK, that was me and my coach said NO WAY, stay focused Jane).

Recently I came across a quote that absolutely sums it up and it’s worth sharing.

One Idea Quote

Imagine what would happen if you were able to leave every other idea alone. If you tool action, I mean consistent, steady action, on just one thing. Would your results be better? Would you feel less overwhelmed and stressed?

And here’s the thing. We’re all afraid to focus on only one thing in case we pick the wrong one, right? “What if I say no to this idea and it was THE ONE that would really work?” I get it, I say that to myself too. But if you work on 2 different major things at once, you don’t give either of them the time and energy – the focus – they deserve. When you split your energy like that, odds of success for either of your ideas go way, way down. What do you think? Do  you  have a strategy to stay focused that worked for you? Share it below in the comments!



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  1. Great post! A few years ago I had 3 businesses, two of which I was launching and I quickly found that I couldn’t focus on all three and make them successful. I decided to leave one of the new businesses and only focus on one of the new businesses. I can’t say that I still don’t look back and wonder what if but it sure made my life easier to only focus on one.

    1. Hi Angee,
      As creatives, we tend to think there may be a better idea or product out there – but honestly, I doubt it. Good for you for choosing one thing! It definitely is the way to have the highest chance of success.

  2. I surround myself with all things jewelry all the time. I read about it. I write about it. I subscribe to magazines about jewelry design. I teach jewelry at the local college and for Michaels the arts & craft stores.

    I teach at wholesale national venues around the country. I have a great studio in my home. I offer private classes and workshops. I consult with those who need assistance with converting and designing safe, user friendly jewelry studio’s in a variety of places. I see jewelry in my dreams.

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