Startup Story and What I’d Do If I Started Over Again with Tiffe from Baby Teith

I’m so excited about today’s guest! Tiffe Fermaint is my special guest and she’ll share a little bit of her startup story, plus she’ll share what she would do if she was starting over again today to build a product business from scratch.

Tiffe is the owner of Baby Teith, a community driven brand, focusing on bringing together parents who are fans of new wave, post-punk, eighties music and spooky things. Tiffe  launched her brand when her daughter was born and the community around the brand became a space supporting new moms. 

Her brand has grown and she tells us what she’d do differently to create success if she started over again.

We talk about:

  • Tiffe’s first foray into fashion and being an entrepreneur in Phoenix – when she was 14!
  • what her mission was when she was starting Baby Teith and how she’s made it about her community 
  • how you can get started and what you can do if you don’t have your own community and get them on your list
  • how to keep up with all the changes in social
  • what she’d do today if she was just starting out
  • how she’s planning to use TikTok in 2023
  • who should run your brand’s Facebook and Instagram ads? The owner or an expert?


It’s a really captivating interview and you’ll learn a ton.

Watch above or listen below:

You can also listen on iTunesStitcher, Spotify, or Soundcloud

Show Notes: 



xo -Jane



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  1. Hi ladies, great talk, really appreciate the info you both share and the fun conversation! Tiffe, hadn’t thought about “if you didn’t have a product, how would you connect with your audience?” Great point! Has me thinking, rethinking… I’m creating art for products and want to launch later this year after learning and developing a business foundation. Your insights are helpful. Thanks much, Kathleen

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